Apple cake!

Hello again, intrepid readers!

So J’s baked surprise was a French apple cake; the recipe is originally from Dorie Greenspan but taken from David Lebovitz’s blog. I have tried a number of recipes from Lebovitz’s blog, and they have all been spectacular. I once made the chocolate idiot cake for a dinner party with a couple whose husband is allergic to wheat. It went over smashingly: the cake was rich, dense, and smooth, like chocolate ganache. I highly recommend it, and if I get the chance, I’ll make it again soon.

In honor of all the apples out there, I decided to try this recipe for French apple cake. It also helped that (again) I didn’t need to buy any crazy ingredients. I grabbed some apples at the local farmer’s market, and then the rest were basic baking-pantry ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, etc.

What came out was more of an apple clafoutis than a cake. As it cooled, it got more cake-like, but it is pretty moist and more custard-y than a cake. It was really lovely even the next day, when we had a friend over for dinner— we reheated the cake in the oven and served it with vanilla ice cream, Yum!

So obviously, this sucker started out with some apples. I went with a variety- two pink ladies, one honeycrisp, and one Rome Beauty. The different tastes and textures of the apples really gave it some zip.


and eventually…


The batter was super easy to make. It didn’t even require a hand mixer, just a whisk and some biceps, so I got in my gym workout and baking in at the same time. Then the batter gets added to the apples…


I know, doesn’t it look like potato salad? Ick. Anyway, then the batter goes in the springform…


and then… an hour or so later, this monster comes out, all buttery and apple-y.


Let’s look closer, shall we?


Oh yeah. I could use some now, except it’s all gone. This was so simple and came out beautifully.  A definite keeper!

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