loaf-ing around

Hello everyone in tumblr-land, it’s A, the other half of this enterprise. J has gone on baking/ blogging hiatus until Thanksgiving, so I’ll be your not-so-celebrity guest blogger.

My first post will be about marble loaf.  What is there not to love about the word loaf? A loaf of bread, a loaf of cake, even meatloaf. Or use it as a verb! Loafing is my favorite pastime.

One baked good that I have always enjoyed is marble cake. I even love the bad boxed marble cake mix you can buy at the store. I just love the combo of chocolate and vanilla. When I need a quick fix, I’ll even get a slice of marble loaf at Starbucks, which J says is gross.

Having a vast baking pantry allows for last-minute baking decisions. These days, we often just need one or two ingredients to complete a complex recipe, but in the case of a simple marble loaf, I didn’t need anything. I was not entirely satisfied with the recipe— I want to try Martha Stewart’s next time, but that requires buttermilk, which I did not have at home. This version was from Food and Wine magazine.

The beginnings of the chocolate half of the batter began with a combination of melted butter and Dutch-process cocoa powder.


What I liked about this recipe is that it called for the mixing to be done in a food processor, thus giving me the chance to try out the awesome Cuisinart food processor that J’s parents gave me for Christmas last year.



Once the batters are done, you layer them, one on top of the other, in the loaf pan.


Take a butter knife and swirl that craziness around!


In the middle, I was supposed to lower the oven temp, so while I did that, I took out the half-baked loaf to check it out:


While we waited, Ali participated in her favorite contribution to our baking: loafing, as only a cat can do:


Ding! Loaf’s done! I thought the top got over baked, but J liked the crispy top.


Marble swirly goodness! It was great straight out of the oven, and lovely the next morning. Next time, Martha Stewart’s recipe, just to see which one I like better.


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