Baking Workshop!

I love a good chocolate chip cookie. I can’t deny it. I might even say it is my favorite dessert. Or at least favorite baked good. I once told A that chocolate chip cookies were like warm love. I’m not sure what that means, exactly. But I know it’s true.

A bad chocolate chip cookie is a grievous insult (I’m looking at you, Le Bus. Also, Blue State Coffee: unacceptable). But a great one (Metropolitan Bakery and Weaver Street) can’t be beat.

So when I decided to hold my first baking workshop* this past Sunday, what other delectable treat could I possibly hope to perfect? Not a mere brownie or pie or cake. Nope. Not me. I set my sights on these:


But I am getting ahead of myself.

First, I planned:


I compiled several of my favorite recipes, then used a primer on chocolate chip cookie consistency from Food Network Magazine. From these, I created three separate recipes, four prepping/baking methods, and six alternate mix-ins. And then…

I shopped.

I prepped.

I mixed.

I pre-heated/refrigerated.

I baked.

I cooled (tasting cookies at room temperature is best for evaluating quality).

I was nervous. Would they be disasters???


78 75 70 cookies later…success! Stayed tuned, friends, for three new recipes:

  1. Toffee chocolate chip
  2. Chocolate chip cherry
  3. Easter cookies

In the meantime, do not fear. We found good homes for these lovely treats.


Don’t you wish you were our friend?

* Baking workshops are full days of baking in which I experiment with different alternatives to develop new recipes.

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