The eagle has landed!

Our apologies for the long delay. Alison and I moved to New England in mid-January, and are only now getting back on our baking legs. Our new kitchen is lovely, but small:


Our new oven and dishwasher are smaller than the standard sizes. But don’t fear, loyal readers—our baking pans fit.

So, for my new kitchen test drive, I chose an oatmeal cookie recipe. Specifically, banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! (from The Good Cookie)


I like to tell myself that oatmeal cookies are healthier than other kinds. Oats are good for you, right?


Oats and flour.


The good part.



The batter was incredibly dry. I re-read the recipe several times to make sure I had not missed an extra liquid ingredient. Mixing the chocolate chips, pecans, and banana pieces was challenging.


It was tough to keep the cookies together on the pan without having pieces fall off.

But don’t worry on our behalf, because these cookies were delicious.


In fact, these cookies were an unexpectedly fantastic treat. The cinnamon and banana flavors were particularly unique. I only regret that they were gone in 24 hours.

Unfortunately, I do not have a recipe to share, as this was not my own. But I promise to experiment with them and post an oatmeal cookie recipe in the near future. Additionally—we hope to have a new site up in about 1-2 months. Tumblr isn’t really the right platform for this blog, so we are planning to invest in our domain on a more traditional blog host soon.

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