Movin’ on up

We have moved our little site from tumblr to wordpress; from the quick and dirty world of photo sharing to the slightly more upscale (but still shamelessly public) dominion of wordpress. Wish us luck.

We hope this site will allow us to share our recipes and general love for food in a more easily navigable format.

To that end, let us introduce a few features of our new home:

  • We have a twitter feed and a facebook page! Follow and like us!
  • We have moved our old tumblr posts to this site, in case you are looking for anything you read over there.
  • We have categorized our posts into the type of food featured (cookie, cake, bar, etc.). These categories are highlighted at the end of each post. They are also listed along the right-hand side of the page. If you are looking for a particular type of food, click on the appropriate category.
  • All posts containing a recipe are categorized under “recipes” as well.
  • We have added tags for more specific information, like food containing types of nuts, fruit, etc.

We hope to add to and improve this site over time as we build content and learn more about blogging. Feel free to leave suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Let the baking begin!

Love, Jess and Alison

And Ali, who is dubious of our culinary skills:

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