Chocolate ice cream with caramelized hazelnuts

When I was about 8 years old, my aunt and uncle brought their ice cream maker to a family gathering as an activity for the kids. It was an old-fashioned ice cream maker, requiring constant hand-cranking, which we took turns doing on my dad’s lawn. In hindsight, this was a brilliant idea–my aunt and uncle occupied seven cousins for at least 40 minutes, while getting a delicious dessert out of it. Those two were smart.

Anyway, what I remembered from that experience was that homemade ice cream was really good, but really labor intensive. So I avoided making it for years. Until I realized that it was no longer the 1980s, and there are machines that do the hard stuff now.


So last Saturday, we made chocolate ice cream. The impetus for this endeavor (besides our new ice cream maker attachment–thanks, Mom!) was some leftover caramelized hazelnuts from last week’s baking. It would be a crime not to use them.

Also, I accidentally bought bittersweet chocolate from Whole Foods that we didn’t actually need.

We simply had to put it to good use.

So, we did! We boiled chocolate, heavy cream, milk, sugar, and assorted other ingredients. Then cooled them (I, uh, forgot to prep enough ice. We improvised with cold packs).

Then let our mixer churn the mixture. It went into the freezer after 15 minutes.

After solidifying, we transferred it to a more appropriate container.

Ice cream! Of course, we had to try it.

Simply delightful. Super-rich and chocolaty, studded with sugary hazelnuts. Amazing.

In the near future, we’ll be trying new flavors so we can post recipes. Promise!

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