A contest within a contest

About a month ago, we initiated our first contest here at twophdsbaking. We started a March Madness pool, many of you entered, and we promised the winner would receive baked goods in their honor–crafted in response to parameters they sent to us, which they would get to name.

Flash forward a few weeks, and our good friend Amy won the pool. Yippee! Amy is a sports whiz. And she won the contest a mere 12 hours or so before successfully defending her dissertation, thus becoming Dr. Amy (we hope the outcome of this contest did not overshadow her big day). Dr. Amy sent us the following preferences (slightly edited):

I really like chocolate, but I prefer it as a compliment than the overriding flavor. Flavors that I love: vanilla, lemon, peanut butter, almond, and ginger. I like things with a rich “buttery” taste. I really, really dislike coconut *shudders* and I’m also not a very big fan of caramel. I can’t stand raisins. In terms of consistency, I generally prefer soft (and chewy is more than okay — with my teeth I just have trouble with really hard). My favorite type of baked good is a cookie, but I really also love bars and cakes. And, if you’re debating whether or not to use nuts in a recipe you pick for me, I love them — so definitely feel free to use!

This gave us many great parameters. As we discussed Amy’s email one evening over dinner, Alison said, “I was thinking of something snappy with lemon and ginger!” “Huh,” says I, “I was thinking of an almond chocolate butter cookie.”

And so a contest within a contest was born! Alison and I decided to each make something–initially, in secret and with much competitive spirit, but eventually we did weigh in on one another’s creations–and we would let Amy decide her favorite.

A winner will soon be revealed, and we will post recipes for both. In the meantime, do not fear–we will have more contests in the future. This was fun. We loved the opportunity to spark a little friendly competition between others *and* within our home. And working from someone else’s food preferences forced us to be innovative. It’s win-win!

4 thoughts on “A contest within a contest

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