a peanut butter cookie odyssey

We have a close friend who is going to have her first child this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her fiancé. They are going to be amazing parents and their daughter is going to be a total badass. In my first act of spoiling my friend’s child totally rotten, I baked her mom a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, since at the moment, I can only corrupt her through her mother. Literally.

I have spent a lifetime eating and loving peanut butter cookies, but have little experience making them. Before we tinker around with a recipe, it’s important to do some research, test some recipes and see what we like/ want to change about them. My first foray into this realm was to try Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. I made this recipe exactly, with one change. She rolls the balls of dough entirely in sugar before baking. I thought this would be too sweet, so I sprinkled the tops of the cookies in sugar, as she suggested in the comments, but I don’t even think the cookies needed it. Once the cookies were done baking, I didn’t even notice there was a crunchy sugar top, so I think in the future I would eliminate it altogether. For me, it didn’t add anything.

I am prone to making gigantic cookies– I have to force myself to make small ones of any recipe, so my first batch that went into the oven came out in these sweet little tiny cookies, probably about 2 inches in diameter. As I went through the dough, the cookies grew larger and were soon 3-4 inches in diameter. Our taste-testers gave me feedback on the cookies– the smaller ones stayed soft on their journey to Brooklyn, while the larger ones got a little harder, but were great with a glass of milk or coffee. I think, in the future, I’ll try to rein myself in and keep them small.

I thought these were a great recipe. Even though I used chunky peanut butter, I kind of wanted more chunks of peanut, so I might try to add in some chopped roasted peanuts into the mix next time.

So, gentle readers… I would love to find out your thoughts, especially from peanut butter cookie lovers: soft? crunchier exterior? more nuts? no nuts? Discuss in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “a peanut butter cookie odyssey

  1. Yum, I love peanut butter cookies! They look absolutely delicious. If it’s peanut butter chocolate chip, I prefer soft. But for a “plain” peanut butter cookie (and the more nuts the better), I prefer crunchier.

  2. Interesting–thanks! Since Alison asked, and I haven’t given her my preferences, I think I would say that I like soft peanut butter cookies better overall. Although with other cookies I tend to prefer a crispier texture (or crispy edges and a soft center–perfection!)

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