Things we like: The Good Cookie

Happy Friday!

We have been planning to launch a “things we like” page for at least a couple of months. And yet I keep putting it off. Why? Well, because I assume recipes are more interesting than cooking and baking tools that we like to use. But perhaps not! Maybe you really want to know what is in our kitchen. I don’t know your life.

So, this is our first installment in what we hope will be interesting and maybe useful for you. Our purpose here is to highlight tools, ingredients, techniques, and sources that have inspired us or made baking (some cooking) less frustrating.

For our first post, we had to begin at the beginning. The source and inspiration behind our long journey into baking: The Good Cookie (by Tish Boyle).

We received this book from friends for Christmas 2007 along with a cookie “gun” for piping molded cookies (which Alison is obsessed with), so clearly we were already baking. But this gift moved us from people who like to bake to amateur bakers. The Good Cookie has hundreds of fantastic cookie recipes of all kinds–drop, molded, rolled, bar, etc. Recently, when trying to decide whether we wanted to try a recipe from the book that seemed dubious, I asked Alison, “When has The Good Cookie ever let us down?” It hasn’t. We tried it, and of course the recipe was a success.

The reason we recommend this book to you, dear reader, is more than just for its great cookies:

  1. There are great recipes at all level of skill, which really helped us evolve as bakers. Recipes we eschewed initially for complexity or lack of ingredients/tools we have returned to over the years, eager to try them for the first time. There are options for everyone.
  2. The directions are clear. This is so important (I’m looking at you, Hermé).
  3. The indexing is awesome. Not just the main index, but Boyle also includes list of recommended recipes at the end of her book for things like “Holidays”, “Ships well”, etc. It is super useful. (Small quibble: page numbers would be useful here).

So there you have it. We like The Good Cookie. Hope you do, too.

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