Disaster at knuckle beach

Wednesday was the one-year anniversary of our “real” (in the eyes of at least one state) marriage. Our actual (11-year, as of 2012) anniversary is in December, but we had to do something to commemorate our long delayed vows.

So, we decided to make crab cakes and fries. A perfect Rhode Island dish for June. It was…

…the saddest looking crab cakes and fries ever. Sigh. Our fries stuck to the pan in the first round of baking, and had to be scraped off with a spatula. The crab cakes needed more eggs or some other binding agent. They fell apart in the pan. Both components tasted fine, thankfully. But we won’t be winning food presentation awards any time soon.

This is a long-winded way of pointing out that we experience many disasters in the kitchen, over here at twophdsbaking. Our response, in addition to the occasional (or frequent) tantrum, is to call out, “disaster at knuckle beach!”* Or in other words, “something has gone horribly wrong, and it’s time to laugh or cry.” I would like to tell you that we pick the former response more often, but…I can only tell you that we end up laughing in the end, even if there are some tears along the way. Which nicely sums up a pretty awesome 10.5 year relationship: We always end up laughing.

* “Disaster at knuckle beach” comes from, like everything we quote, 30 Rock. It is from the episode entitled “Betrayal: What Really Happened with My Baseball Team, Disaster at Knuckle Beach?”

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