Chocolate espresso sandwich cookies

I made these recently for a friend’s baby shower, and they were a total hit! I mainly chose them because they sounded like they would hold up to traveling (we took a 3-hr train to said baby shower) and they were fairly straightforward, as far as recipes go. I also made an experimental peanut butter cookie recipe, which was an utter fail. They were dry, crumbly messes. More on those later.

Jess reviewed Tish Boyle’s The Good Cookie, a go-to book that we use often in our kitchen. I have yet to bake a bad cookie from one of her recipes, so I knew this wouldn’t let me down this time.

I am guilty of making giant cookies. I can’t stop myself when the little dough balls go out onto the sheet. They always look so small to me, and then–BOOM– they are enormous when they come out of the oven. I restrained myself for this recipe, and I’m glad I did– the dough spread out into thin cookie-discs, still soft and very intense in their chocolate-espresso flavor. I didn’t know what to expect of the dough. It ended up being a very light, airy, almost chocolate-mousse-like in its consistency.

This recipe, when one restrains oneself and makes small cookies, makes a fair number of sandwich cookies, and the recipe is very easy, although you do need a food processor to make the ganache in the middle. They almost seemed better the next day, when the ganache had set and the flavors had a chance to meld.

Another highly successful recipe from The Good Cookie. I’m telling you, folks, buy this book.

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