2nd Annual Baking Madness Contest

It’s March Madness time, folks. In three days, 68 men’s teams will be chosen to play for the big prize. One day later, 64 women’s teams will be selected (yeah, I know–fewer teams and a Monday selection spot. Ugh.). Since last year’s contest went so swimmingly, we are going to do it again, this time with TWO prizes: one for winning the men’s bracket and one for the women’s.

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Like us on facebook! (We’re greedy)
  2. After selection Sunday, we will post our bracket location and password on facebook.
  3. Log in and fill out your tournament bracket by March 19 (men’s) and March 23 (women’s).
  4. Watch some basketball, drink some beer, eat some pizza (try our recipes: herehere, and here). Check your bracket once in a while to see where you rank.
  5. Win! (Or hope to). Once you win, we will ask you for some info–your favorite type of baked good, flavors, consistencies, etc. Then, the second part of the contest commences–Alison and I will battle it out to see who can win your favor. Each of us will create, workshop, and produce something just for you. We will send the final products to you and ask you to choose your favorite (we won’t reveal who made which item).
  6. Once you choose your favorite, we will name it after you (or you can choose a name) for posting purposes!

But what if I don’t follow basketball???
Don’t fret. You can pick based on colors, names, or out of a hat and you might have the same luck as those of us who watch. But if you want more systematic guidance, there are a few helpful links below.

What kind of baked goods would you be willing to make?
Anything that can be shipped. So no pies or other delicate products. But don’t worry–there are a ton of other options.

And finally, as you are counting down the days until the tournament begins, peruse some related links:

2 thoughts on “2nd Annual Baking Madness Contest

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