Birthday cake (almond cake!!)

I have many, many excuses for my lag in posting. And some of them are good and others are lame (too much work, I have been captivated by Game of Thrones and RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’ve been searching for a new apartment)… These are all true. So at some point in the near future, we need to pack up our crazy kitchen equipment and move into another apartment, a few blocks away. There is nothing I dislike more than moving. It sucks. But our landlord is trying to sell our apartment, and all the imposition is making me irritated. I take it back– I clearly hate dealing with real estate agents and cleaning my apartment incessantly for showings and open houses more than I hate moving.

In any case, I made this sweet little treasure of a cake a few weeks ago. I have many lovely friends who now have wee babies who need birthday cakes, so I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and test out this recipe so that my friends, who will only get so many child birthdays in which they will be able to select the cake, can use their baby’s birthday as an excuse to make this. It also was my birthday, and there’s nothing I like more than cake and ice cream together. I paired this baby with some homemade chocolate ice cream– it was heavenly.

IMG_0411I also wanted a recipe that was quick and easy; I spent my birthday alone (don’t cry for me; Jess and I had a lovely dinner the weekend before when she was home), so I wasn’t about to sit around making a hugely complicated cake so I could sit around and eat it by myself. I turned to my go-to guy, David Lebovitz, and he had this lovely almond cake recipe on his website.

I love almonds and I was particularly drawn to the fact that most of the work was done in a food processor. It was so quick and easy to put everything together. It’s also endlessly adaptable– you could slice the cake in half horizontally and put something awesome in the middle, like dark chocolate frosting, and then frost the whole thing, or you could serve it as is, with a little powdered sugar on top and some fresh summer fruit and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. It is such a lovely cake– not too sweet, but moist and cakey. It also keeps well.

I did my duty, mom-friends. Go forth and bake.


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