Cupcakes and cookies and sorbet, oh my!

It’s been a while, folks. Our New Year’s resolution to write one blog post a week has not been met, to say the least. Now that it’s summer and we are in one place (more or less), however, we plan to move things along more quickly. In that spirit, we have several recipes to offer you in the next couple of weeks. And we are still working on out our recipes for the NCAA tournament winner (yes, we are super, super late on that). So more is coming. We promise.

In the meantime, please enjoy a picture of chocolate macadamia-peanut butter chip cookies. They are straight from The Good Cookie, so I won’t post the recipe here, but they are delicious. I highly recommend the combination of chocolate chunks, Reese’s peanut butter chips, and macadamia nuts (although in the future I might pair those with a chewier cookie base).

(Note my awesome wonder woman mug).

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