Cookie Madness 2014

We are HORRIBLE bloggers. Not only have we not posted new recipes in three months (I KNOW), but we almost let March Madness go by without a pool. Almost, but not quite! So here it is. Get going, though, because tournament play begins March 20th, and this pool will close on that date at 1am (so, really, get your picks in by March 19th).

For a reminder, here’s the deal:

Enter our March Madness bracket (recap for the uninformed: March Madness is a tournament of college basketball teams, mmmmkay?) If you win the pool, we will bake you something yummy and portable based on your personal preferences. You will get two different selections of baked goods: Alison will have baked one and Jess will have baked the other. Then YOU choose which one of us has won your heart and stomach. Then that person will have home bragging rights for the year.

Seriously, potential winner of this bracket, you have the interpersonal dynamics of our marriage resting in your future hands. Don’t f*ck it up.

Anyway, here’s how you enter:

1) Like us on facebook! (We’re greedy)

2) we will post our bracket location and password on facebook.

3) Log in and fill out your tournament bracket by March 19.

4) Watch some basketball, drink some beer, eat some pizza (try our recipes: here, here, here, and here). Check your bracket once in a while to see where you rank.

5) Win! (Or hope to).

But what if I don’t follow basketball???
Don’t fret. You can pick based on colors, names, or out of a hat and you might have the same luck as those of us who watch. But if you want more systematic guidance, here are some helpful guides to picking a bracket on slate, espn, and bleacher report.

What kind of baked goods would you be willing to make?
Anything that can be shipped. So no pies or other delicate products. But don’t worry–there are a ton of other options.

And finally, as you are counting down the days until the tournament begins, peruse some related links:

Sarah won both the men’s and women’s contests last year (we went for gender equality, but we just can’t follow through with that this year–sorry, women’s basketball). Her preferences were posted here. Since she won twice, she kindly handed one “win” to Claudia. Alison won the contest over Sarah’s heart with her mint madness cookies and I won Claudia’s undying love (or something) with these peanut monsters. The year before, Amy chose Jess’s almond and tar heel cookies.