About us

As a pair of disgruntled academics, we began baking in graduate school. Baking was a stress reliever for us both. Like academic writing, it involves hours of sometimes frustrating work. Yet baking produces tangible (and delicious) results. We both love eating, feeding our friends and love ones, and reaping praise for our efforts.

Alison, the aesthete, prefers candy, cake, and delicate pastry baking. When macarons or caramel are on the menu, Alison is in charge. She is the observer of our duo, carefully reading recipes and noticing the smallest detail in the design, taste, and composition of food.

Jess, the runner, grew up baking with her mother. She initiated the baking craze in graduate school with early forays into holiday baking. Jess is the comfort food maker of drop cookies and pies. Her favorite part of baking is feeding others, although she can down an impressive number of sweets per day.

Ali, our 22 year-old Siamese, is the real boss of our household:

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