Perfect breakfast banana bread

When I posted my first banana bread recipe way back in January, I promised a second iteration would be forthcoming. That version was delicious, but indulgent–skewing toward a dessert more than a breakfast or light(ish) snack. So here is my second attempt, which came out even better (except for the pictures, because I neglected to ask Alison–the real photographer–to help me).

IMG_0916(See what I mean?) Continue reading

Ethically delicious

Jess and I don’t like to post recipes here unless we’ve made some significant changes to it, or the recipe is already readily available on the internet. We have already long professed our love for Tish Boyle’s book, The Good Cookie, but we feel that since her recipes from the book are not published on the internet, we don’t feel like it’s fair to put it out there– it’s not ours.

That being said, we totally encourage you to go out and buy her book. It’s seriously one of the best cookie recipe books we’ve ever encountered. We can’t say we’ve ever disliked any of the recipes in her book, and our copy has begun to detach from the spine because it’s so well-loved.


One of our favorites are the banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I have deceived myself into believing that they are a somewhat healthy breakfast (I ate 4 of them this morning!), since they contain bananas, oats, and pecans (and butter and brown sugar and chocolate), but I digress.


See? Healthy!

These little pieces of heaven are so delicious, and because of the banana, they stay moist and lovely for days. They keep really well.


A friend has informed me that the dough is great raw. I’ll take her word for it; I’m not a raw dough eater.


I like them warm, straight off the cookie sheet.


Or the next morning, with a cup of coffee. Or the following evening, before dinner. Or as a dessert. Or, clearly, all of the above.

Banana Bread for Dessert!


Okay, so this is banana bread recipe #1, which I hope will be followed up by at least a second recipe. I wanted to post this because it’s great, but I must confess that it didn’t turn out as I expected. I had intended to create a classic banana bread from my childhood–light, moist, and studded with banana pieces. I confess I was over-enthusiastic about smashing the bananas however, and this particular combination evolved into something more cake-like. It’s dense and slightly sweeter than a classic banana bread (although not too sweet). Add in the chocolate chips, and you have a wonderful dessert. I suspect it would make delicious muffins as well.  Continue reading